Supply Technologies obtains “Premium Partner” status from Stanley

Supply Technologies obtains “Premium Partner” status from Stanley
June 25, 2021

Supply Technologies LLC has achieved “Premium Partner” status with Stanley Engineered Fastening, meaning it is now considered one of the company’s most accredited fastening and assembly solution providers.

In addition to this distinction, Supply Technologies recently launched a tool exchange program with Stanley Engineered Fastening – allowing customers to exchange their old air or battery-powered riveting tools for brand new equivalents.

“Supply Technologies has clearly demonstrated its ability to offer expertise and drive innovation around Stanley Engineered Fastening brands and products. The company offers a wide range of technical knowledge and expertise, as well as a commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service – both of which have been critical to the company’s success in recent years,” said Alison. Davies, Director of Distribution Sales – Industrial Europe at Stanley Engineered Fastening.

“Working with Stanley Engineered Fastening and nurturing that relationship has been critical to our success over the past few years. Achieving ‘Premium Partner’ status not only represents a worthy reward for our work, such as the tool exchange program, but also another step in our strategic partnership,” added Gary Russell, Director of Business Development. – United Kingdom at Supply Technologies.

Supply Technologies has been improving the efficiency of its customers’ supply chains for more than four decades. With experience in more than 100 industries, its team of 1,200 workers in 70 locations on three continents supports more than 3,500 diverse customer sites. It provides several total supply management solutions, which provide customers with the products they need, using more than 10,000 supplier partnerships.


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