11 IT Strategy Firms Earned Bridgepointe Partner Status


A partner is a “founding member” at Bridgepointe.

IT strategy firm Bridgepointe Technologies invested in two additional commercial agents.

Longtime Bridgepointe contractors Josh Mitchell and Rick Gerzik have accepted the title of “partner” with the San Mateo, Calif.-based company. As a result, the two received a stake in Bridgepointe.

Josh Mitchell of Arkitech Group

Seven months have passed since Bridgepointe announced an investment of more than $100 million from Charlesbank Capital Partners. Bridgepointe, which operates as both a technology service provider and a direct selling consultancy, has turned some of that money into investments in its top-performing sales agents. Mitchell’s appointment, announced this week, brings the total to 11.

Mitchell joined Bridgepointe as an IT strategist in 2003 after holding various sales positions, including one at Learn IT. Like many Bridgepointe agents, he sold exclusively through Bridgepointe and used the Bridgepointe brand. However, he later founded his own brand, which used other TSDs for vendor contracts and administrative support.

But now Mitchell returns to Bridgepointe.

“I got my start at Bridgepointe, so coming back now as a partner feels good to me, especially as the business is in growth mode,” Mitchell said. “Over the past few years I have considered several opportunities but what Bridgepointe brought to the table really stood out as it was a real win-win.”

Brian Miller of Bridgepointe

Brian Miller of Bridgepointe

Bridgepointe co-founder Brian Miller called Mitchell a founding member.

“It feels like a homecoming to Josh joining us for this next phase of our growth,” Miller said. It’s a testament to the value of what we’re building – a unique partnership of the industry’s most accomplished IT strategists and consultants focused on helping technology leaders achieve real business results.

Kerzic gets the green light

Earlier this month, Bridgepointe announced an investment in Rick Gerzik. He started partnering with Bridgepointe over three years ago. It uses the Jeryco Inc.

Gerzick, Rick

Rick Gerzick

Its efforts to sue corporate clients have established one of the company’s strongest performers, Bridgepointe executives said.

“We are thrilled to recognize him for his contributions in making Rick a partner,” said Bridgepointe co-founder Scott Evars. “Our vision for growth is focused on ensuring the best possible results for our strategists. We do not acquire businesses, but rather invest in our mutual success.

Evars, Scott_Bridgepointe

Scott Evars of Bridgepointe

Kerzic said all parties involved in Bridgepointe will see better financial results as a result of the priority placed on expanding its team and tools.

“Being part of the growth of Bridgepointe has been one of the highlights of my career,” said Kerzic. “As a partner, I am happy to build on our existing relationship and contribute even more to the success of the business. »

Bridgepointe markets itself as an IT strategy firm that targets enterprise customers.


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