Argyle Joins Visa Fintech Partner Connect to Offer Real-Time Income and Employment Verification Services to Visa Customers and Partners


NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Argyle, a leading employment data platform that provides companies with real-time access to user-authorized employment records, today announced it has joined Visa Fintech Partner Connect, a program designed to help Visa issuing customers quickly connect to a controlled and organized whole. technological partners.

The data platform on income and employment Argyle enables companies to streamline their subscription, reduce fraud, automate manual processes such as downloads of pay stubs and calls to employers, to make funding decisions instantly. It removes the barriers between a worker, the source or sources of income and companies with which it buys services and products. Argyle helps increase catch rates while improving the customer experience, subscribing to more customers – including economy workers odd jobs, federal employees and other types of independent and self-employed – with a complete ecosystem of employment records.

“Our mission is to democratize access to employment records by putting control of employment data back in the hands of workers. For businesses, this means having access to valuable data authorized by users in real time, ”said Billy Marsden, COO and founder of Argyle. “Now certified as a Visa Ready Partner, Argyle is available to Visa customers as a trusted and verified solution. Argyle automates the income and employment verification process to help companies make more informed underwriting and funding decisions to further drive innovation in the market.

“In today’s climate, creating a competitive financial product requires more technology than ever before. Consumers want seamless interactions on mobile and web, and they want access to a greater range of digital banking capabilities, ”said Terry Angelos, senior vice president and global head of financial technology at Visa. “With Argyle participating in the Fintech Partner Connect program, our customers will have access to a powerful set of tools to create new digital experiences. ”


About Argyle

Argyle is building the leading user consent-based platform for employment data, helping people avoid situations where their personal information is sold or used without their consent or knowledge. With Argyle, any business can process income and labor verifications, gain real-time income transparency, as well as view and update worker profile details. By breaking down the barriers between a worker, the businesses in which they make money, and the business from which they purchase services and products, Argyle has reinvented how employment data can be leveraged for the benefit of workers. institutions and individuals.


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