Callsign brings behavioral biometrics to Visa Fintech Partner Connect program


The anti-fraud and authentication specialist Callsign has a new leading partner: the startup has announced that it has been selected by Visa to provide its solutions through the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program.

This development reflects the growing popularity of behavioral biometrics in the financial services industry. Technology is a central part of Callsign’s solution, which also supports fingerprinting and device geolocation for passive fraud protection. These anti-fraud mechanisms are complemented by multi-factor authentication tools for instances where active end-user authentication is appropriate.

Callsign’s agreement with Visa will cover Visa’s partner network in Europe, offering Callsign’s security technology to merchants, banks and other entities in the Visa card ecosystem.

In a statement, Callsign Chief Commercial Officer Amir Nooriala highlighted the increased need for strong authentication and anti-fraud tools in the wake of a pandemic that has accelerated the shift from the financial services industry to channels digital.

“Financial services organizations are looking for technology that provides the safest, most accurate and transparent user experience to integrate into their solutions,” he said. “We are delighted to join Visa Fintech Partner Connect to work with the main European fintechs. “

The COVID effect appears to have been a boon to Callsign’s business so far. Last summer, the company said it had experienced “hyper growth” following the COVID-19 outbreak, as it sought to capitalize on this momentum with the appointment of a senior advisor focused on United States as part of its management team.

More recently, Callsign increased its visibility through its inclusion in the global innovator community of the World Economic Forum, a startup acceleration program that offers potentially important networking and collaboration opportunities with leading organizations.

October 7, 2021 – by Alex Perala


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