Databricks launches Partner Connect to open up and expand the Lakehouse ecosystem


Databricks Partner Connect makes it easy for customers to discover and connect popular data, analytics and AI tools to their Lakehouse

Databricks, the data and AI company and pioneer of Data Lakehouse architecture, announced Databricks Partner Connect, a one-stop portal for customers to quickly discover a wide range of data, analytics and AI tools validated and easily integrate them into their Databricks Lakehouse. across multiple cloud providers. Integrations with Databricks partners Fivetran, Labelbox, Microsoft Power BI, Prophecy, Rivery and Tableau are available to customers initially, with Airbyte, Blitzz, dbt Labs and more to come in the coming months.

Companies want to remove complexity from their data infrastructure and embrace more open technologies to better leverage analytics and AI. The Databricks-enabled data lakehouse has put thousands of customers on this path, collectively processing multiple exabytes of data per day on a single platform for analytics and AI workloads. But the data ecosystem is vast, and no single vendor can do it all. Every business has a myriad of tools and data sources that need to be connected, secured, and governed to enable every user within an organization to find, use, and share data-driven insights. Putting everything together has always been a burden for the client and partners, which makes it very complicated and expensive to execute at any scale.

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Partner Connect solves this challenge by allowing customers to easily integrate data, analytics and AI tools directly into their Lakehouse Databricks. With just a few clicks, Partner Connect will automatically configure resources such as clusters, tokens and connection files for customers to connect to data ingestion, preparation and transformation, as well as BI tools and ML.

“With Partner Connect, we are able to open the Databricks Lakehouse platform to partners in new ways that will allow us to better serve our customers collectively,” said Ali Godsi, CEO and co-founder of Databricks. “Partners will be able to reach Databricks customers directly with their solutions in the moment, and our sales and marketing teams will be able to work closely together to resolve customer issues.”

Not only will Partner Connect allow customers to integrate the data tools they already use, but it will also allow them to discover new pre-validated solutions from Databricks partners that complement their expanding business needs. With Partner Connect, customers can easily extend their Lakehouse into every corner of their data ecosystem to solve current and future challenges.

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“With the speed and volume of data flowing through Jam City, it’s critical that we empower data teams with an open, collaborative platform that allows our employees to access, integrate and analyze data. data easily and efficiently. We are excited to see Databricks introduce Partner Connect and provide our data engineers, scientists, and analysts with a simplified way to connect to the data tools of their choice, jump-start their workflows, and innovate more. quickly with actionable insights from our data lakehouse,” said Rami SafadiHead of Data and AI at Jam City.

“Building on our longstanding partnership, Partner Connect allows us to design an integrated experience between our businesses and our customers,” said george fraser, CEO of Fivetran. “With Partner Connect, we’re delivering a streamlined experience that makes it easier than ever for the thousands of Databricks customers, whether they’re using Fivetran today or discovering us through Partner Connect, to unlock insights into their data, Discover more analytics use cases, and leverage their Lakehouse faster by easily connecting hundreds of data sources to their Lakehouse.

Partner Connect is now available to Databricks customers at no additional cost; new partner solutions, pre-built Lakehouse integrations, machine learning models and libraries, and additional data providers will be added as the ecosystem continues to grow. The introduction of Databricks Partner Connect underscores the company’s commitment to driving new and expanded customer engagement with strategic partners and providing an integrated data ecosystem for Lakehouse.

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