Distribution program: launch of the community of video distribution partners


Kevin Lancaster, CEO, Channel Program

Matt Solomon, Director of Business Development, Channel Program

Kevin lancaster and Matt Solomon they’ve thrown Channel program, a collaborative video platform designed to enable “the entire channel community to interact in a cost-effective, organized and democratized manner,” the duo told ChannelE2E.

Lancaster is the CEO of the new company. Solomon is director of business development. Both executives are veterans of Kaseya and Identification Officer. Translation? They have deep expertise and experience in partner engagement and support. And in terms of public engagement, Jennifer mish is director of content and events for the startup.

The Channel Program community is designed to engage both sides of the IT channel market – from IT solution providers, MSPs, VARs, IT service providers and IT consultants to vendors and distributors. And yes, the platform is open to other types of ecosystem members.

Channel program: initial components

The first three components of the Channel program involve:

  • No channel is a live and on-demand video showcase that will feature 8-10 new and emerging technology providers in an inaugural session in December.
  • Cash channel is a completely vendor-independent and extremely straightforward MDF (Market Development Fund) program, say the founders. Among the perks: $ 50,000 in cash refunds and rebates per quarter.
  • Channel Explorer, a video system that gives “the whole channel the opportunity to be heard and to influence their / our industry”.

Soon too:

  • Channel control, which will further unify experts on both sides of the ecosystem.
  • Chat on the channel, which will “revolutionize the way the entire channel communicates”.

So what is at stake here?

Take a closer look at the strategy, and maybe the Channel Program is looking to disrupt multiple IT channel business segments – from Partner Relationship Management (PRM) to YouTube channels to Reddit MSP Subgroup to MSP-centric Facebook and LinkedIn groups and more. And… maybe the Channel Program is trying to disrupt advertising media sites like ChannelE2E? Hmmm …

Yet the IT channel is a large, healthy and highly fragmented ecosystem. And I wish the Channel Program team the best of luck.

In some ways, Channel Program resembles version 4.0 of the old ChannelEyes, a Facebook-like social media platform launched in 2011. Bob godgart, Jay mcbain, Dave geoghegan and Shari Godgart originally created ChannelEyes to help vendors interact with channel partners in a more social and modern way. But the platform has not gained a critical mass of activity on the partner and supplier side. Reboots and brand extensions extended ChannelEyes to a more mobile direction and then to accelerating sales. But ChannelEyes is finally gone.

Fast forward to today. Here is the program of the channel. We will be watching the milestones and the next moves.


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