EDRM Announces DiscoveryMaster LLC Renewing Trusted Partner Status


Setting global standards for eDiscovery

Makes eDiscovery reporting easy and intuitive

Makes eDiscovery reporting easy and intuitive

Bringing legal software to market is hard enough – I can’t imagine doing it without the friends, supporters and early adopters we’ve found through our partnership with EDRM.

—Ryan Short, Vice President, DiscoveryMaster LLC

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, February 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Setting the global standards for electronic discovery, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is pleased to announce DiscoveryMaster LLCwhich automates project metrics and quality control statistics for document review projects in Relativity, has renewed its trusted partner status with EDRM.

eDiscovery technology will play a central role in organizations as they strive to recover from the current global crisis as more cohesive, stable and productive entities. Robust eDiscovery technology, backed by expertise and services, helps organizations respond to litigation, compliance, and investigative requests. In a new era of large-scale remote working, organizations must securely manage information, protect confidential and privileged access, and collaborate effectively to be efficient and productive and adhere to the increasingly complex requirements of security frameworks and data privacy.

“The EDRM community is like having a built-in advisory board,” says Ryan Short, vice president of DiscoveryMaster LLC. “Bringing legal software to market is hard enough – I can’t imagine doing it without the friends, supporters and early adopters we’ve found through our partnership with EDRM.”

“The feedback we received directly led to adjusting our long-term vision and development roadmap. The caliber and candor of the conversations is very impressive,” added co-founder and CEO Ray Biederman, DiscoveryMaster LLC.

Among the EDRM opportunities and resources available to partners such as DiscoveryMaster LLC are the ability to connect, network and contribute through EDRM projects and events, share their service and product offerings, and increase awareness of the brand to a global community. The EDRM community of skilled, multidisciplinary professionals develops resources to improve frameworks, processes, and standards for eDiscovery, privacy, security, and information governance.

“We are excited to continue working with the experienced team of litigators, technologists and reviewers at our trusted EDRM partner, DiscoveryMaster LLC,” said Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist at EDRM. “We look forward to sharing their fabulous platform with our global community.”

This partnership gives DiscoveryMaster LLC access to the EDRM community, comprised of 33% corporations, 30% law firms, and 23% software and service providers, 12% governments, with the remaining 2% being a mix of educators, students, judges and media in 136 countries. countries spread over six continents.

Learn more about Discovery Master LLC’s solutions at http://www.discoverymaster.co.

About EDRM
Empowering global eDiscovery leaders, the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM) creates practical resources to improve eDiscovery, privacy, security, and information governance. Since 2005, EDRM has provided leadership, standards, tools, guides, and test datasets to improve best practices around the world. EDRM has an international presence in 136 countries and an innovative support infrastructure for individuals, law firms, corporations and government organizations seeking to improve the practice and delivery of data and legal discovery. Learn more about EDRM today at EDRM.net.

About DiscoveryMaster LLC
DiscoveryMaster LLC is led by active litigators and eDiscovery practitioners who apply innovation and imagination to make the document review process more effective and efficient. Our software is licensed to law firms, eDiscovery infrastructure providers, document review providers, and consulting firms around the world. To find out more, write to contact@discoverymaster.co or visit http://www.discoverymaster.co.

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