Give BIG Lexington Adds Sumner As New Partner Community, Cozad, Elwood and Overton Team Up For Second Year | Latest titles


Triplett said that after agreeing to join her, she started contacting organizations in town who would be interested in participating in Give BIG Sumner. In their first year there are four causes, the Sumner Commercial Club, SEM Friends of FFA, Sumner Little League, and SEM Scholars Scholarship.

Triplett said that during this first year their most important focus is to publicize the event and to publicize this event. She said she hopes the event will gain popularity this year so they can add more causes next year.

The Give BIG Sumner page is located on the Give BIG Lexington home page. Their fundraising goal this year is $ 5,000.

Give BIG Sumner’s corporate headquarters on November 10 will be located at Sumner Community Hall, 110 East 5th Avenue. Donations can be dropped off in person from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Give BIG Cozad, Give BIG Elwood, and Give BIG Overton are all gearing up for their second year of attending the event.

Give BIG Cozad is presented by The Cozad Community Foundation in conjunction with the Lexington Community Foundation and is powered by Mighty Cause, a year-round online giving website.

“Give Big’s goal is to positively impact local nonprofits, raise awareness and connect surrounding communities. “We cannot express our gratitude enough to the Lexington Community Foundation Board of Trustees, Jackie Berke and her staff for allowing us to be part of this amazing day,” said Bri Snider, Board Chair of the Cozad Community Foundation.


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