Hightouch is the first data enablement platform on Databricks Partner Connect


Hightouch Expands Partnership with Databricks to Help Joint Customers Synchronize Data Insights with Business Tools

SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — high touch, the world’s leading data enablement platform, today announced its native integration with Databricks, expanding the partnership between the two companies and providing joint customers with a seamless way to enable data in their data lakehouse. With Hightouch now available through Partner Connect, Databricks users can easily send data to mission-critical destinations, automate provisioning of a Hightouch workspace, and synchronize business rules defined in the Lakehouse, all directly from Databricks Partner Connect.

Developers can now quickly activate the unique data models, event data, and product usage data that resides in the Lakehouse to power critical use cases that help sales teams drive revenue, reduce unsubscribe rate, optimize marketing campaigns, etc. Hightouch automatically syncs relevant customer data across 100+ SaaS destinations so engineers can spend less time manually exporting static files or building custom pipelines, and more time driving strategic business value.

“Hightouch makes it easy to pull data from Databricks directly into enterprise systems that house business users and their workflows,” says Dr. Ernie Prabhakar, business data manager at Nauto, an AI-based driver and fleet safety company that is already leveraging Hightouch integration with Databricks. “With Hightouch, employees can leverage a single source of truth about our organization’s data to make better critical decisions when it matters most.”

Databricks customers can now empower their diverse teams to run mission-critical applications from their data lakehouse. “With Hightouch, customers can tackle more enterprise workflows while maintaining a single source of truth for their data,” says Steve Sobel, global media and entertainment industry leader at Databricks. “We are especially excited that Hightouch is enhancing the capabilities of the customer data platform for the Lakehouse.”

The powerful integration between Hightouch and Databricks turns the Lakehouse into a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and opens up new opportunities for business teams, including:

  • Sync Custom Audiences with Ad Platforms for Retargeting
  • Empower GTM teams with product usage data
  • Send personalized emails based on customer behavior
  • Automation of business processes such as invoice creation or metered billing
  • and much more.

“With Partner Connect, Hightouch continues to advance the data enablement category,” says Tejas Manohar, CEO and co-founder of Hightouch. “Our extensive partnership with Databricks makes it easy for organizations to build enablement workloads that have an immediate impact on revenue, from improving ad spend to increasing marketing conversions to lowering the drop rate. customer unsubscribe.”

Hightouch is now available in Databricks Partner Connect, so start today.

About Hightouch

Hightouch is the world’s first data enablement platform, syncing data from warehouses directly into SaaS tools. In November, Hightouch announced $40 million in Series B financing at a $450 million valuation led by ICONIQ Capital. Hightouch’s hundreds of customers range from fast-growing startups like Plaid, Betterment, Calendly, and Lucidchart to large enterprises like AXS, Nando’s, and Autotrader. For more information, visit www.hightouch.com.

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