Immuta provides automated data access control in Snowflake Partner Connect portal


Immuta announced that it is now available to provide automated data access control in the Snowflake Partner Connect portal. The addition of Immuta’s advanced automated data access control capabilities highlights the growing need for strong security and privacy protection in today’s rapidly changing DataOps environment.

Snowflake Partner Connect offers customers an easy way to test products that add value to their Snowflake platforms. While Snowflake Partner Connect originally focused primarily on ETL tools, the Partner Portal is now expanding to include tools in the data governance and access control ecosystem.

Immuta’s integration with Snowflake Partner Connect will allow Snowflake users to launch a preconfigured Immuta instance with Snowflake login credentials, allowing customers to start automatically discovering sensitive data, creating fine-grained access control policies and share data securely in minutes. Deployment options for Immuta instances include both SaaS and self-managed.

“Businesses navigate a complex cloud ecosystem and data teams need scalable access controls that work in a variety of cloud environments,” said Chris Devaney, vice president of alliances at Immuta. “Immuta’s new approach using dynamic, policy-based access controls works universally across various Snowflake accounts or when organizations use a combination of Snowflake and other cloud data platforms. We look forward to continuing our work with Snowflake to help clients maximize ROI from their analytics, BI, and data sharing projects.

“Immuta’s automated and integrated approach to data governance helps bring data security and fine-grained access control to Snowflake customers who process large amounts of sensitive data,” said Harsha Kapre, Chief Snowflake Senior Product Manager, who oversees Snowflake’s Partner Connect program. “Snowflake is committed to helping customers mobilize their data and Immuta plays an important role in ensuring that our customers’ most sensitive data is protected.

“Immuta’s scalable, policy-based access controls allow the right people to securely access the right data, even the most sensitive, regardless of where it is based and what access privileges it has. ‘they should have. By removing the friction often associated with configuring data access control logic and privacy levels, Immuta enables data consumers to be up and running in minutes, not months, ”added Devaney.

Immuta and Snowflake together power secure BI, analytics and data science initiatives for large enterprise customers and innovative technology companies. For example, the Center for New Data, a nonprofit organization focused on bringing together huge amounts of sensitive data to help analysts track the spread of COVID-19 and shape public policy and the response to it. health, uses Immuta to simplify data sharing while maintaining data confidentiality. and utility.

Immuta automates the application of fine-grained, attribute-based access controls and privacy enhancement technologies (PET) to Center data in Snowflake’s data cloud.

“As we add more components into a cloud data environment, the combination of Immuta and Snowflake is much cleaner than other on-premises situations we’ve experienced before,” said Ryan Naughton, Founder and CTO of Center for New Data. “The ability for us to manage access controls, deploy privacy-enhancing technologies, and rapidly implement new governance frameworks for our research teams has been a breath of fresh air, with no management fees or charges. overhead for adding additional cloud solutions. “


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