Indiefoxx finally loses partner status on Twitch after sixth ban


Twitch streamer Jenelle ‘Indiefoxx’ Dagres lost her Twitch Partner status after her sixth ban from the platform this year.

Indiefoxx has experienced significant growth in his chain over the past year. However, a lot of criticism has come down to its methods. Twitch has banned Indiefoxx, a former Twitch partner streamer, so far a total of six times this year. Each ban only took a maximum of three days to be lifted. With its sixth ban, it looks like Twitch is finally having enough, ultimately removing its partner status.

The reason for the Indiefoxx bans? The popular Twitch streamer has been involved in the controversial ASMR and Hot Tub meta-issues. She, along with Amouranth, has been at the forefront of this issue. Both have experienced significant audience growth thanks to their methods.

However, other streamers disagree with their strategies. Over the past few weeks, Pokimane has expressed his disapproval of the way Twitch is handling these issues. Pokimane has described the entire meta as a “time bomb.” Meanwhile, Alinity, a controversial figure herself, believes Twitch should have more leverage against repeat offenders.

So far, it looks like Twitch has decided to take their hands a bit heavier – removing partner status from Indiefoxx is a good start. But Alinity did mention that if Twitch didn’t impose more stringent measures in the enforcement of its TOS, sexual content would continue to be prevalent on the platform. In the future, we may see Indiefoxx revert to its regular schedule. Its content is effective in raising views and money. But will Twitch pull the trigger to permanently ban repeat offenders like her?

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