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CJ Fairfield

“For the first time, we have an official channel go-to-market strategy,” says Donna Turgeon, North America channel sales manager for InfoSec, a Madison-based cybersecurity education and training provider, in Wisconsin. “We’ve done business with MSPs and resellers in the past, but we’ve never really had a formalized organization to meet their needs, not just for yesterday, but more so for the future.”

After providing cybersecurity awareness and training for decades, Infosec is now tapping deeper into the channel to deliver better business results to the partner community.

“For the first time, we have a formal channel go-to-market strategy,” Donna Turgeon, North America channel sales manager for Infosec, a cybersecurity education and training provider based in California, told CRN. Madison, Wisconsin. “We’ve done business with MSPs and resellers in the past, but we’ve never really had a formalized organization to meet their needs, not just for yesterday, but more so for the future.”

Turgeon’s goal is to help bridge the cybersecurity vacuum globally and called Infosec a “standalone” channel group in that it focuses on “the growth of MSPs, the growth resellers to increase our overall growth at Infosec”.

She said Infosec wanted to capitalize on the growth of the channel and, after joining the company in the spring to lead the North America business, led the channel organization and built a team to help support MSPs.

“We now have people dedicated to sales, customer success, implementation, marketing, analytics and program management,” she said. “Infosec is a channel organization and we are building our organization to be channel friendly.”

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To be more user-friendly, Infosec has created Partner Agreements, Partner Pricing, and a Partner Portal to “collectively create an organization that MSPs can trust, so that we can help them run their business.”

Turgeon said those who lead partner efforts at Infosec “understand the wants and needs” of channel people and have mapped out a customer journey.

“[Partners] want a targeted supplier they can rely on,” she said. “Someone who is going to follow them not just for their new business and guide them through the process and get it executed, but someone who is going to help them retain and renew their business as well as strategize on how to grow their business. Ultimately, it’s about helping them run the business for their end users.”

Infosec, which was acquired earlier this year for $191 million by Boston-based education technology company Cengage Group, will provide partners with a comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio and a “dedicated vendor to work with.”

“Cybersecurity is a hot field,” she said. “Security awareness training is often a gap in their cybersecurity portfolio. Sometimes protecting individuals and training their employees or companies on phishing attacks and that sort of thing is just a gap in their portfolio.

The biggest MSP challenge Infosec hears from its partners is retaining talent, Turgeon said. Infosec plans to help with this by educating MSPs on cybersecurity and having them certified to provide better support to their end users.

“For us to be able to serve channel partners and for them to be able to leverage our products and services is truly an honor,” she said.

Nick Just, vice president of strategic business development for O’Fallon, Illinois-based MSP TechGuard Security, said Infosec’s security awareness solutions “have made a world of difference on every level.” .

“The biggest thing we’re looking for is someone you want to continue to associate with,” Just said in an email. “In the channel ecosystem, relationships are key and from day one Infosec has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Not only their support team but the weekly meetings to see how things are going and discuss opportunities… the communication has always been very good.They want to see us succeed so they too can succeed, so it’s a well balanced partnership where we all win together.

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