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Microsoft cuts the ribbon for ‘Azure Space Partner Community’

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled a new group of partners at Inspire aimed at generating benefits and incentives for partners participating in the Azure Space program.

The Azure Space Partner Community is now accepting new members, according to Microsoft’s Azure Space Senior Program Manager Stephen Kitay. in a blog post. Eligible partners can register here.

There are 21 members of the program at launch, including HPE, Nokia and SpaceX. Inaugural members include “space operators…manufacturers, systems integrators, data providers, ISVs, startups and more,” Kitay wrote.

“These partners cover a wide range of capabilities – such as connectivity, Earth observation, virtualization, data processing, analytics and ground infrastructure – adding unique value-added services on top of of our Azure Space platform,” he said.

Partners who join the Azure Space partner community have access to expert technical support and go-to-market benefits. For example, they may:

  • Test Azure Space technologies before general availability
  • Get help from Microsoft to develop proofs of concept
  • Integrate Microsoft products like Teams and Power BI into their offerings
  • Participate in marketing opportunities at Microsoft events
  • Get license discounts and benefits

Azure Space, which Microsoft first launched in 2020, programmatically combines Microsoft’s space technologies with those of its partners. Essentially, Microsoft intends to provide cloud functionality that will meet the space needs of governments and industry. Azure Space products span cloud, edge, machine learning, augmented intelligence, automation, networking, visualization, and digital solutions.

As part of the Azure Space platform, Microsoft launched Azure Modular Data Centers, a ground station-as-a-service product with Azure Orbital, and a collaboration with HPE to bring Azure to the International Space Station, among others.

“The Azure Space Partner Community enables our partners to deliver the most comprehensive and innovative offerings to mutual customers, helping to shape the future of space technologies and services,” said Kitay. “The space industry is advancing rapidly and we believe in the power of bringing this community together in an ecosystem.”

Inspire, Microsoft’s annual partner conference, is taking place virtually this week from July 19-20.

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