Snowplow Achieves Premier Tier Partner Status with Snowflake


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Snow plow, the industry leader in data creation and behavioral data, today announces that it has successfully joined the Snowflake Partner Network as a Premier Partner and achieved validation of Snowflake Ready technology. The Snowflake Ready Technology Validation Program recognizes organizations that have performed third-party technical validation to confirm optimization with Snowflake integrations.

With this development, together Snowplow and Snowflake can offer an unparalleled digital analysis solution. Combining Snowplow’s ability to generate, improve, and model best-in-class behavioral data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud capabilities gives enterprises, data science teams, and advanced analytics users a platform on which to build an understanding depth of their users. Customers benefit from the near-infinite flexibility and scalability of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Through this partnership, companies can also build applications on the Snowflake platform to execute additional use cases from the marketing attribution. By taking advantage Snowplow’s AI-ready datacommon customers can build highly accurate propensity models or other customer-centric machine learning applications.

“By taking the next step in our partnership with Snowflake, we are in an even stronger position to allow customers to have complete control and ownership over their behavioral data. The partnership allows data teams to spend their time extracting value from data, rather than facing roadblocks with alternative solutions. With Snowflake’s technology, we can continue to expand our customer base and offer customers a unique digital analytics solution to meet modern needs,” said Alexander Dean, CEO of Snowplow.

Snowplow’s behavioral data platform enables any organization to capitalize on behavioral and AI-ready data securely, at scale, to power innovative use cases. Generating, enhancing, and modeling the richest possible data is possible, as well as maintaining a human-readable data grammar and the ability to evolve schemas over time. Competence on pipeline management also ensures end-to-end security of the preferred cloud data warehouse, with complete data ownership.

The combined technologies of Snowplow and Snowflake are already powering leading data brands including; Strava, DPG Media and Secret Escapes.

Wannes Rosier, Head of Data and News Personalization at DPG Media, comments: “We are going to do everything with Snowplow because it allows us to have access to real-time data. With the whole pipeline, from Snowplow to Snowflake, it usually takes a few minutes and not more than that.”

Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake, adds, “Having Snowplow as a premier partner in the Snowflake Partner Network is a significant development for customers as they pursue AI-powered analytics and innovation. We look forward to leveraging our partnership to enable our customers to move forward. »

For more information on how the partnership enables data teams to create and consume real-time ML-ready data, see:

About the snow plow

Snowplow generates, governs, and models high-quality, granular behavioral data ready for use in AI, ML, and advanced analytics applications. When integrated with other tools in the modern data stack, Snowplow can power a wide variety of advanced use cases, enabling organizations to generate significant business value with behavioral data. Flagship applications built on top of Snowplow include composable CDP, first-party digital analytics, and ML-powered churn reduction for subscription businesses.

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