Tredence obtains the status of Snowflake Elite Services partner

Chennai: Data science and AI engineering firm Tredence Inc. has announced that it has achieved Elite Partnership status, the highest level of partnership, in the Snowflake Partner Network.

The company said Snowflake’s platform provides significant benefits to businesses by improving data accessibility, providing near zero maintenance, and providing insight into operational initiatives.

Tredence’s Elite Partnership operates its Snowflake Center of Excellence (CoE) where breakthrough advanced analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities combine with proprietary solution accelerators to solve critical industry challenges.

In addition to rapidly evolving data platforms, this enables businesses to become knowledge-driven organizations by reducing costs, improving manageability and reducing deployment risks, the company said in a statement Wednesday. .

“Achieving Elite status is a testament to Tredence’s commitment to our Snowflake relationship, data platform innovation and success on the platform as a Certified Managed Services Partner,” said Rich Williams, VP of Data Engineering, Tredence Inc.

Leveraging its Snowflake CoE capabilities, Tredence provides industry solutions that run on Snowflake for clients, including Revenue Generation Management (RGM) for consumer goods companies, the client genome for consumer organizations. retail and supply chain control tower for manufacturing companies.


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“Our Snowflake CoE, with over 150 Snowflake Certified Cloud Engineers and Architects, is able to provide full spectrum services including cloud data warehousing, data cataloging, governance, migration and retention services, in major sectors such as retail, consumer goods, industries, TMT and healthcare. Business customers look to Tredence to reduce the risk of their Snowflake deployments while accelerating deployment time and maximizing value for their data platform investments, ”added Williams.

The partnership will provide companies with a solid strategy for data, analytics and platform modernization. Customers can leverage these joint efforts to define strategy and manage execution through actionable roadmaps while developing playbooks to reduce execution risk and platform migration and activation capabilities. in large scale.

“Snowflake is dedicated to supporting businesses on their data cloud transformation journey,” said Colleen Kapase, Snowflake SVP of Worldwide Partners & Alliances. who can successfully accelerate Time to Value for their large-scale data assets, unlocking informed and productive business strategies. ”

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