Veem launches the Partner Connect program


The business payment service provider Veem launched the Veem Partner Connect program on Thursday 11 November to offer partners flexible integration options for its payment offerings.

Providers in the Veem Partner Connect payments ecosystem can use Veem’s platform to provide their small and medium-sized business customers with AP / AR, billing and payment services for businesses looking to pay and be paid using integrated and configurable solutions that can be co-branded with Veem using a plug-and-play installation process.

“SMBs want a complete, easy-to-use banking and payment experience. Companies want to conduct all of their financial activity on a single platform, ”said Marwan Forzley, CEO of Veem, in the company’s announcement. “Veem Partner Connect will help partners integrate our payment, AR / AP and billing capabilities directly into their existing offerings. “

Veem Partner Connect solutions also offer hosted stand-alone functionality that gives partners full access to Veem workflows and payment features through single sign-on. Program APIs allow Veem partners to customize the integration of Partner Connect capabilities into their systems and add integrated components to Veem functionality, including billing and debts.

“Fragmented and disjointed banking applications will become a thing of the past as more businesses look to streamline their banking and payment processes on a single platform that helps small business owners organize their finances,” said Bimal Shah, Head of Corporate Development at Veem.

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Last month, Veem partnered with Visa on a virtual card and cross-border money transfer program for SMEs, giving Veem’s more than 400,000 users access to digital money movement capabilities through Visa Direct .

Veem customers can now generate and issue virtual Visa payment cards for commercial payments, including to third-party providers. The cards will help reconcile and digitize many manual processes when linked to Veem’s expense management suite of services.

The Visa Direct partnership offers Veem customers in the United States a way to send money to a bank account or Visa card in over 160 currencies.



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