VMware Channel Head Talks HPE Bond, Lenovo, and Partner Connect 2.0


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Vice President and Head of VMware’s Global Partner and Business Organization, Ricky Cooper, said Channel Partners will have more opportunities to succeed in more areas with Partner Connect 2.0.

In the four months since Broadcom announced it would pay $61 billion to buy VMware, two of the company’s top executives have left, with Bill Swales and Sandy Hogan taking roles at other companies.

The shake-up propelled Vice President and Head of VMware’s Global Partner and Business Organization, Ricky Cooper, into the role of “Channel Leader,” the link between the virtualization leader and its massive ecosystem of partners in the whole world.

VMware’s channel is under scrutiny as partners have been open about their concerns about Broadcom, which has historically ignored small and midsize customers as part of its profitability strategy when acquiring VMware. software companies. Broadcom CEO Hock Tan has repeatedly said the company plans to adopt the string.

Cooper told CRN that VMware remains committed to creating an experience that rewards partners with expertise in VMware in proportion to partners moving large volumes of its products. To accomplish this, the company recently unveiled huge changes to its partner ecosystem, introducing new categories that better align its partner program with how its partners go to market. Additionally, VMware said it will balance rewards for partners, with a bit more emphasis on those who offer superior business capabilities.

“With the new Partner Portal, it increases our ability to have the right conversations with partners who really care about VMware,” Cooper told CRN. “It’s about recognizing who your best partners are and connecting with them through information. I think that right now (before the launch of the portal in October) we don’t have the ability to really understand each partner, deepen their capabilities and help them in areas they may not consider -be not like themselves. »

VMware also wants to help partners focus on improving operational efficiency through the portal, adding analytics to show partners where they might be missing opportunities for their business.

“So the discussions become a lot sharper and a lot more, you know, a lot more insightful as to where we can really drive profitability for our partners,” Cooper said.

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